What Are The Main Tips To Cure Your Acne?

Over 90 percent of adults and 25 percent of the adults are acne sufferers. It is true that acne affects 50 percent of the adult women and does affect both females and the males all over the world, irrespective of the nationality. Given below are 5 Tips to Cure Your Acne to help in the prevention of acne and to treat the maintenance of skin. The first tip is to take plenty of fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D apart from other ingredients for the healthier skin.


The skin would appreciate this vitamin and your mind and body would enjoy the stress reducer and oxygen from a daily jaunt outdoors. But overdoing it is harmful and results in getting a sun tan. One should be habituated to use a sun protective cream or suntan lotion in case of maximum exposure. Otherwise, you may be caught in the vicious cycle of burnt and dead skin along with cells blocking pores, leading to the development of acne.


Even a good stress often triggers the inner chemical responses, which lead to the formation of acne. Therefore, it is advisable to plan before, to deal with this great stress, during several occasions, like graduation, transferring of job, a new baby or even planning any wedding.


You need to take an extra rest, concentrating on the upcoming issue and adopting the practices of relaxation and meditation. You can take some time off, by engaging yourself in yoga and T’ai Chi (highly suggested).


Consuming ample amount of water or fluid diet can also be a daily practice. You need to drink plenty of water, and therefore it is highly recommended that three to four glasses of mineral /filtered water should be taken on a very regular basis. Much less water leads to dehydration, which leads to dead cells of the skin.


These cells are not shedding properly, thus leading to blocked pores, the form of acne. Acne is not connected to dirt or periods in any way. Therefore, it is better, not to over-wash or over-scrub the face again. Doing these activities a lot can make your skin dry and create more oil. Extra oil and the dead skin cells along with blocked pores would trigger acne.


Raw honey is one of the best moisturizers for acne. It has certain antiseptic properties and heals all the scars very quickly. Manuka honey heals all these scars much faster and can dry out the skin. So, it can be great moisture for the skin to restore the moisture of the skin, without clogging the pores. Baking Soda and Epson Salt along with warm water can be combined to form a thick paste to apply it as a mask.


Finally, adding up more vegetables and the fruits, nuts and seeds to the regular diet would work wonders for acne. Therefore, one ought to add salads, dried fruits and the snacks and other healthy drinks to the daily routine. The whole article contains information, about acne. It also states certain facts and also clears up the myth to present an overview of the issues, dealing with acne along with other possible solutions. They can prevent and treat acne, based on the recent studies and other findings.

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